Ad Guard:

AdGuard is the popular tools For Windows Which Secure your PC from online Ads,tracking,malware and provide the reliable way for browsing Ad Guard is a multi platform software if you buy a one licence so you can this licence is multiple device.

Ad Guard is Block all types latest ads from your device is very easy don’t need any instruction of your this fully auto tools for android,Windows,MAC,I Phone and other device.

AdGuard is Protect your privacy is very Hardness hide your data & other info from tracking.

adGuard is one of best software for browsing security. adguard is block all phishing website and secure your login data from hacker. also protect from malware attack’s

Easy to use 

adguard is very simple inertface tool for beginners because  this adguard Cpanel is very simple Useful

providing all tools controls just customize your personal setting and enjoy

Multiple Languages:

Ad Guard is multi languages software.  you can use this software with 31 popular languages is free..


Filter’s Apps:

If You wana block Or Not specific app ads Filter was help in this process please use simple filter on Ad Guard for customs features..


Ad Guard Latest Version Screenshot’s


Download Ad Guard For Chrome Latest  Version Install

Download AdGuard For Android Mobile :AdGuard For Android

Download AdGuard for Windows