Adobe Photoshop:

Adobe Photoshop is a image editing software for PC this software No 1 choice  of industry,Office ,shop’s,students,education institution other big industry like movie production poster maker also use this software for creating our images .Adobe Photoshop also Create Advertisement image for your company, Animation character maker and other most popular of Features of Adobe Photoshop I will explain in down paragraph

Why Adobe Photoshop is Popular and Successful?:

Adobe Inc Basically a is an American multinational Computer software company Founded in 1982  California. Adobe Photoshop project start in 1988 Two software engineer Name is “Thomas Knoll” and “John Knoll”  He create a software for photo Name Was is Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite (CS) Lunch date is 1990, this software was very powerful tools for images and no competition there is big reasons of Photoshop Successful.After its success Adobe Lunch(CS) 2003 & (CS2)  in 2005 with new Features.

  Adobe Photoshop Tools list:

  1. Rectangular Marquee Tools
  2. Move Tools
  3. Lasso tools
  4. Crop Tools
  5. Healing Brush Tools
  6. Clone Stamp Tools
  7. Magic eraser tools
  8. Blu Tools
  9. Path Selection Tools
  10. Pen tools
  11. Note Tools
  12. Hand Tools
  13. foreground/Background Color  set
  14. magic wand tools
  15. Slice Tools
  16. Brush Tools
  17. History of Brush tool
  18. Gradient Tools
  19. Dodge tool
  20. Horizontal type tools for text
  21. Rectangular Type tools
  22. Eyedropper Tools
  23. Zooming Tools
  24. Jump to Adobe ImageReady
  25. Layers
  26. Color’s
  27. Navigator
  28. Filters
  29. Image Resize

And other more Power Full Tools Features Waiting for Please Download Free Adobe Photoshop 7.0


Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Screenshots

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Download Free for windows

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