KM Player:

KmPlayer is very high features player windows this no 1 player for supporting 3D Videos ,all video and Audio  formats  support.

This player is always Quick media player for windows Just second required for opening .KMplayer first version release in 2006 as a premier multimedia playback program for may country but in 2008 KMPlayer was buy by and introduce As Freeware software in all country.

Kmplayer is Lightweight for windows and support all types formats Fast,reliable,easy, Free Premium features player 

Kmplayer always offer all wide range of possibilities and additional features for video And audio.

Kmplayer always support HD Ulrta HD, 4K,3D Movies And always support and load Subtitles.

Kmplayer is support adding Additional Audio for loading and play a movie multiple Audio languages

This is unique   Feature of Kmplayer..

Kmplayer support all types internal desk media files for player But Kmplayer is important features is Kmplayer support all types external media files like Online video site:YouTube,Facebook,Vimo, Daily motion, and Also Download A video in YouTube. Kmplayer Support FTP URL and play..


Dedicated feature for audio support albums by albums plays. don’t mix your focused music if you want.


Kmplayer is always provide favorite setup for creating your music  favorite playlist. if want create a playlist of your internal music and always support URL playlist,Folder favorite..

Screen controls:

Kmplayer is advance player for audio & videos kmplyer is provide multiple Features For Controls your video’s screen KMplayer is provide multiples AR “Aspect ratio ” for enjoy’s your 2D & 3D movies popular AR”4:3TV, 16:9 HDTV,CinemaScope,widescreen& custom’s AR, and also support  Multiples video frame “Half,normal,one&half,double,Full screen,Full Screen (Stretch,Overscan) Desktop Mode maximize windows Like You fully controls your screen.

Video Basic And Advance Features:

Kmplayer is most advance features provides player for windows very interesting and basic feature of kmplayer is

Basic Video Features 

  • Increases brightness   (Ctrl page Up)
  • Decrease Darkness (Ctrl Page Down)
  • Motion blur
  • soften
  • sharpen
  • median vertical filter
  • Median horizontal filter
  • mirror image
  • Mean Y Filter
  • Grayscale
  •  Mean UV filter
  • Flip input picture
  • Flip Output Picture
  • Auto Controls Brightness
  • Multiples Rare Filters
  • Multiples Screen Rotation
  •  Video Plugins

Advance Video Features:

  • Super speed Mode
  • High speed mode
  • Multiples Types of resize
  • Multiples Rendrer
  • Deinterlacing
  • Post-Processing
  •  sharpen
  • aWarp sharp
  • Soften (Blur)
  •  Gradul Denoise
  • Denoise 3D
  • Levels Controls
  • DScaler Filters
  • Luma & Chroma Offset
  • Add Noise
  • Full Setup VMR/EVR pixel Shader’s
  • VMR/EVR video Scaler
  •  H/W Color Controls
  • S/W Color Controls
  • Preset Speed”Normal.Quality,Speed)


Kmplyer is fully support audio all formats and available all advance features for Audio Oky let’s see audio features:

  • preAmp Increase
  • PreAmp Decrease
  • Advance Equalizer Available
  • Normalizer
  • Multiple Preset “Club,Dance,…Available
  • Treble Enhancer
  •  Truebass
  • Remove Right/Lift channels
  • Swap Channels
  • Downmix To Mono
  • Rare Filters
  • Crystality

Multiples Skins Of kmplayers:

Yeah  Kmplayer is also provide multiple color and Skins Logo,

KMplayer Screenshots

Download Kmplayer x32 bit

Kmplayer x32(47.37 mb)