Notepad++ :

Notepad plus plus is open source code editor support all types several programming languages running in Microsoft Windows environment.Notepad ++ is advance code editor’s its use under  GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

Notepad ++ is the most popular code editor and write free software notepad ++ always provide a lot of features for professional  and beginners let me explain some my personal favorite thing for beginners “folder containing ,folder as work space,save session ,load session, recent all files open’s ,restore recent close files,empty recent files list in one click.

Notepad Plus Plus version  7.6  support 55 languages  writes popular code in Notepad “C#’c++,  Java,PHP HTML,and 50 more

Notepad Plus Plus is very optimize software for PC  using very low System resource and power and Running very fast and reliable no internet Requirements just download and enjoy.

The Other best thing is this this Open Source software no pro version no features is locked just write your code’s and  notepad ++ tools  helps for everything’s  you required ..

Notepad Plus Plus is customizebal software custom theme’s custom look’s night version,available one default theme and 20 others more beautiful theme and a lot’s of poplar font style’s Bold,Italic.underline and font size is last 28.   if change default setting’s please go to Settings>style configurator.


Notepad ++ support’s plugins  55+ plugins available for notepad++ Plugins very helpful for your works 4 default plugins install in notepad ++ and other you install plugins if need must you have a internet connection “DSpell check.MIME tools,Npp export,converts,Json Viewer,img tag,html tag’s”.

Notepad++ official community help for every thing and available 24×7 support also..

Features Of Notepad Plus Plus:

  • windows wise system
  • zooming tools
  • toggle full screen mode
  • convert case to case “upper,lower,proper,sentence and other”
  • line operation
  • comment and Uncomments
  • auto completion
  • blank operation
  • increase/decrease line indent
  • special pasting
  • column mode
  • column editors
  • character panel
  • clipboard history
  • Set red Only Mode
  • function list
  • recording
  • document maps
  • MD5 Generators
  • import theme and plugins
  • advance search  replace ,
  •   bookmark

and other some amazing features

Notepad ++ Screenshots

Notepad ++ Download

Filename: npp.7.6.Installer.exe

Size:4.11 mb