Whats Pakistan Citizen Portal ?:

Pakistan Citizen Portal is Online complaint service by Pakistan  Govt .”With this, you register complaints against the Govt institutions.”Apart from this, foreigners also have the facility” The Prime Minister of Pakistan will take action against the complaints filed in it. the launches  date of ‘Pakistan Citizen Portal“28 October 2018.If you are demanding a police bribe in your area or in case of any injustice, just enter the name of a photo and officer and your complaint and it will be taken against him after 3.4 days.This”Pakistan Citizen Portal” app has not yet received newsletters, but it is certain that this app will be helpful in resolving public issues.

How Register on “Pakistan Citizen Portal” ?:

Pakistan Citizen Portal Registration very easy First download This App Click Download Button Second Open The app and

1):click the Registration Button 

2) Now you will show 3 options in front of you

  • Inland citizen (Citizen Of Pakistan)
  • Overseas Citizen 
  • Foreigner Citizen  

select one option 

3)Enter your Mobile No (+92 03XXXXXXX)

4) Enter Your Name (Which is in the identification card)

5) Select Your Gender 

6):Date Of Birth 

7):Enter Your USER Name: 

8):Enter Password 

9):Enter Password  Again 

10):Enter Your CNIC NO(16101-XXXXXXX-X) Like that

11)Select Your (Province) (KPK,Punjab,Sindh,Azad Kashmir,Balochistan) 

12): Select Your  District 

13:Select Your Tehsil 

14:Enter Your Home Address 

15): And Finally Click The Finish Button

Pakistan Citizen Portal Apps Screenshots

Pakistan Citizen Portal App Download

Pakistan Citizen Portal App Screenshots 1

Pakistan Citizen Portal App Download

Pakistan Citizen Portal App Screenshots


Download “Pakistan Citizen Portal for Android”

(Size:10.22 MB)