What is QQ player:

QQ player the most lightweight software for windows to allowing to play any type video any music(mp3)files. I recommended personally because QQ player provide  more features free “Converts ,  Snap (screenshots),Create A GIF With QQ player,Save multi Thumbnails in one image,Cute a video/audio file with qq player,compress a video/audio file ,transferred  a video/audio file with just connect Wi-Fi your mobile.share video on social media.

qq player is a free player just download and enjoy all features free

Why Install QQ player:

QQ player multi-features player they just not play video/audio files qq player provide amazing tools for your help in post i will explain all features You Will love it qq player.

1) Snapshotting video

QQ player allowing to take screenshot in Video.this very popular and important feature its very easy just click camera icon or Alt+A . Save in your computer 3 file types(PNG,JPG,BMP)

2)Save thumbnails :

This feature is very popular all movie sharing site use this feature for capture movie screenshot in one click automatic. just see down pictures

3)Create a GIF:

QQ player the most easy GIF generator just a click Setting>GIF and set your gif time and click save

see down image:


QQ player provide the amazing video and audio converter. available popular files formats for converting your video/audio “MP4,mp3,avi,3gp,H264,and more popular mobile formats. very fast converting

5)cutting videos:

QQ player allowing to cute any videos/audio files with advance tools and easy method.if you play a movie and you like a clip just  select clip and press split button and save your computer.

6)compress a video:

compress a large video with qq player in Seven types”3gp,mp4.avi,mpg,flv,wmv”with 3 video coder”MPEG4,H264,XVID”there the best way to compress large video  free and easy.

7)Merging video:

QQ player provide  a simple video merging panel this is very easy for use but this advance like a video editor add video /audio files set just you want.support these video formats “MP4, AVI, MPG, 3GP, FLV, and WMV. and save in your computer


QQ player allowing to create a custom playlist for listening music and video files this a simple control panel for creating just add playlist name and drop your video/audio files qq player provide some filters for music down/up and also delete a music in playlist press delete button .

There some Top features of qq player i will explain some other best features please continue reading the post.

9)transferring a video to I phone and i paid

QQ player fully support transferring video files to i phone ,i paid and other android mobile.if you have I phone Or I Paid and you want to transfer videos and movies in an easy  way, you can use QQ Player to transfer videos, movies and subtitles onto your IPad & IPhone device by using WIFI technology without the need to connect your IPad and IPhone to your computer using cables.

10)3D Movies support:

qq player support 3d movies you can easy play a 3D movie with qq player and convert a 2D movie to 3D just one click required

11)Subtitles adding :

QQ player allowing to load a subtitle in movie very easy just click adding subtitles button qq player support 3 types subtitles formats “ASS, SRT,SSA” other than that you can easy search online subtitle and download.

QQ Player  Screenshots

QQ Player  download

QQ Player  Screenshots

QQ Player  Screenshots 

QQ Player  Screenshots

QQ Player  Screenshots

QQ Player  Screenshots 

QQ Player  Screenshots

QQ Player  Screenshots 

QQ Player  Screenshots

QQ Player Download

Filename: QQPlayer_Setup_English.exe

Size:31.44 mb