What is a Ms Excel (2019)?

By definition

Ms Excel(Microsoft Excel) is an electronic spreadsheet program“. In other words, “Excel is a software application that’s used for the storing, organization, and manipulation of data“. The data is entered into cells which are organized into columns and rows. And that data can be either text, numbers, or formulas and functions.

In Excel, a formula or function will typically be used to calculate data found in other cells. So, who uses Excel? Well, quite often, Excel is used by those who work with financial data. MS Excel will be used to perform basic mathematical operations like totaling up columns or rows of data. It’ll be used to find values such as profits or losses. Or even the maximum or minimum values in a specified range of data. And other useful calculations include finding averages, number counts, and percentages.

But, performing calculations in MS Excel is only the tip of the iceberg. MS Excel is also often used to chart or graph data to make it easier for users to identify trends. And many continue to use Excel like a database program because it does have that functionality built in that makes it easy to sort and even filter data to find specific information. Excel also comes with many analytical toolsto make analyzing data easy, such as: pivot tables that allow you to view data from different perspectives.